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Speed is a computer version of the classic card game Speed
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Do you remember the classic card game Speed (also known as Spit-Bo)? Well, now you can play its computer version.
Speed is a very exciting card game that can be played against different kinds of opponents.

You can play it between two players or against the computer. You can select any of 6 different skill levels to adapt to every player, novice or experienced.

Now QixGames has added a new feature to this classic game. You can also play it against friends on a network and even over the Internet!

And in case you cannot find anyone willing to play, the game can match you up to an unknown player over the Internet who is waiting to play and cannot find an opponent!

And don't worry about getting bored with the visuals. The game features 23 different card backs and 4 different card styles, giving you a total of 92 looks to choose from.

Speed is a very simple game, but this doesn't make it easy at all!

You get 5 piles of cards, and you must clear them up as fast as you can, moving them to the piles in the center. You can place a card which is either 1 below or 1 above the card in the center pile. Of course, your opponent will do the same as fast as he can, so you have to do it quicker.

If you finally win the game, you will have the opportunity to watch a beautiful display of fireworks. The better your score, the better the fireworks show will be.

Speed is a game in which you will not have to memorize complex rules or restrictions. It is a simple but challenging card game that will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Fernando Soni
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  • Challenging
  • Different card backs and backgrounds


  • Can become monotonous
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